Smart Lighting

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The OPPLE Smart Lighting is the easiest system on the market. Optimize your environment with efficiency and comfort via the free dedicated app.

FAQ Smart Lighting

Can I add multiple switches to one area?

Yes, that is possible. Just add more than one switch to the same area. Please realize that every switch has its own lightings scenes (presets). Scene 1 on switch A is not the same as scene 1 on switch B. You just have to define them separately.

The Smart Sensor does not switch off the lights when there is nobody in the room, what do I need to do?

1. Connect the Smart Sensor to the power (230V)
2. Make sure the Smart Sensor is added to the relevant Area.
3. Activate the sensor by creating an “Automatic scene” and activate that scene by tapping on it, once created in the App.
4. Or: create an Smart Switch or App Scene with the Smart Sensor enabled and activate that Lighting Scene.
5. The correct setup of the Smart Sensor can be verified by activating the “Test Mode” in the Settings of the Smart Sensor by tapping on it in the Opple Smart App. After enabling the “Test Mode”, the Smart Sensor will turn off the lights already after 5-8 seconds of no movement detection. Please do not forget to turn off the “Test Mode” afterwards.

How do I reset the smart lighting luminaires?

Turn the power on/off 5 times (<1s per switch cycle). To confirm a reset, the luminaire will blink a few times.

What is the standby power of a BLE luminaire?


Can an installer have multiple Smart Lighting Projects in his Smart Lighting App?

Yes, an installer can have multiple projects in his Smart Lighting App, when logged in with the same email address.

What are the dimming steps of the Smart Switch and Smart App?



Is the Smart Sensor capable of doing daylight control?

The Daylight control feature has been launched in Oct 2018 and can be activated with the Opple Smart App, by following the instructions of the Smart Lighting Quick Start Guide.

Can I use the OPPLE Smart Lighting app also on a tablet?

The Apple iPad range is fully supported, Android tablets will also work, but not all available types have been tested.  

How long does the battery of the Smart Switch last?

With normal use the battery of the Smart Switch is expected to last for minimum 2 years. Replacement batteries can be found in DIY stores and online.

I cannot discover my luminaires, what do I need to do?

1. Please make sure the Smart Luminaires are connected to power.
2. If the luminaires are already connected to power for more than 8 hours, please disconnect and connect the power (230V) to re-activate the 8 hours discover time window of the luminaires.
3. Try “+ Device” multiple times from different positions in the room.
4. If still no result, a hard reset of the Smart Devices might be needed. This can be done in the following way:


Reset Smart Luminaires/drivers

  • Turn the power on/off 5 times (<1s per switch cycle). To confirm a reset, the luminaire will blink a few times.
  • Use a paperclip and press and hold the reset button for 5 seconds. This reset button can be found on the side of the driver.

Reset Smart Sensor:

  • Press the small reset button on the side with a pencil for 4s. To confirm a reset, the LED indicator will flash.

 Reset Smart Switch:

  • Hold the reset button (on the bottom, marked with an “R”) for 3s. To confirm a reset, the LED indicator will flash.

I do not get an email with the login code, what do I need to do?

Most likely, the verification email from the Opple Smart server is considered as SPAM by your email system. Please check your SPAM folder for the verification email. If no email can be found, please hit the “Send Code” button in the Smart App again. If still no email with a verification code is received, please use an email address from a different email system to log into the Smart Lighting App.

Can I control also other Bluetooth Mesh or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) products with the Opple system?

No. At the moment, many manufacturers use different own versions of Bluetooth Mesh or Bluetooth Low Energy. As a result, Wireless Bluetooth systems of different manufacturers will not be able to work together. As a Bluetooth Mesh standard has recently been defined by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), it is expected that this will be possible in the future.

What is the maximum number of Smart Devices that can be in one wireless network?

The recommended maximum devices in one Smart Project is 64 devices. Note that both luminaires, switched and sensors are “devices”.

Do I need internet connection to control the lighting?

No, only during setup of the Smart System an active internet connection is required. In case users will be given control of the lighting via the Smart App, an internet connection is also required during the scanning of the QR code from the manager or installer.

Can I combine multiple sensors in one area?

Yes, by adding multiple sensors to an area, you can extend the size of the movement detection area. Multiple sensors in one area will work together: if one Smart Sensor will detect motion, it will turn on all the lights in that area. If both sensors will not see any movement for the selected time (default 15min), only then the lights will be switched off.

How does the Smart Sensor work when the OFF button is pressed?

If the OFF button is pressed, either on the Smart Switch, or on the Opple Smart App, the Smart Sensor is disabled for the coming 8 hrs. After that, the Smart system is back to “normal” and the Smart Sensor will turn on the lights when movement is detected.

What is the maximum distance between the Smart Products?

Opple recommends not to have more than 10m distance between the Smart devices, to ensure good performance of the system. Next to that, the recommended maximum of 64 smart devices per Smart Project should not be exceeded. It is possible though to have multiple smart projects in the same building.